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Shakuyaku Means "Peony"






Welcome to Corrupted Imagination!
Shakuyaku is just the name of the layout, not of the site...heh.

This is NOT a directory of fanlistings, its just the fanlists that I JOINED. If I messed up a link/credit, please contact me and I will change it asap. If I don't add you within a week, PLEASE msg me, because it probably means I forgot or that I lost your link, etc. Now if your fanlist site have moved, Please let me know! Give me a week at the most to change your link, if I haven't changed it by then, feel free to yell at me everyday until I get it up. BUT PLEASE, tell me! Let me know, I can't always check every single link, I'm not using Enthusiasts or PHPfanbase or any other script, and it takes forever to do by hand...T_T so please kindly send me a message...

Notes #1: I usually go under the name "AceArtemis7" on most fanlisting, but if nicknames are not allowed, just use "AceArtemis", "Ace Artemis" or "Artemis" (in that order of preference). Sorry for the incovenience, but that is what people know me as.

Notes #2: For the OLD page list (has graphic, NOT updated): click here. I discontinued it because it took too long to load. Another old fanlisting page (text links, NOT updated): click here. Discontinued because the lists is too long.

Notes #3: Use the navigation on the left to see the fanlisting lists. If you can't find yours then please look in other categories, I might have put it there. I have a wierd way of categorizing things...if its still not there, msg me

Happy looking! :)

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