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None of these stories are finished (except 'The Party'). These are only my drafts...I kinda abandoned it because it the story did not go the way I want it to. The newer stories is at the top. One the left menu is a link to all the stories to go to that particular one without having to scroll down...Enjoy my ramblings/fantasy...
I FAILED AS A WRITER. Don't Read My Reject Stories xP

The Impossible Quest (ver. 11)

Chapter 0: Beginnings Aren't So Simple

There was once a girl named Alexandra. She is not pretty. She is not ugly. She is not smart. She is shy. And she is not happy.

Her parents seperated when she was small, so she has been living with only one of her parent ever since. For some unknown reason, her mother did not want her. Her dad did not want her either, but he took her in anyway just because she looked at them with huge, innocent, and sad eyes as both of them turn to leave. He couldn’t leave her there in the middle of nowhere. So he took her in, despite the fact that he was not a good parent to her.

So there she lives with her uncaring father, who gets angry at the most ridiculous things, like finding an ant crawling in the filthy kitchen floor. Most males, when they are angry, and who have had a little bit of alcohol to drink, begins to get really dizzy and really violent. Alexandra’s father was one of those people.

She doesn’t get beat up exactly, though it sure feels that way. In fact, her father never touched the her skin, ever. it wasn’t because he was morally educated, or that he doesn’t want to touch his own daughter, but its really because he literally can’t.

It could be because Alexandra posses some impossible power or some sort of skill to make a force shield whenever someone tries to touch her, that could be it. However, if she does have those wierd power, why doesn’t she get away and somehow get a better life? The question is not why, it’s why not.

The Party

As I walk on a dark hallway, the cramp spaces seem to get smaller and smaller. The hallway itself was a perfect rectangle. I can walk on the ceiling and not notice the difference; except maybe the handle on the doors would be too high if it were upside-down. Nevertheless, I’m walking in this maze, my goal is to get to the other side of this building (that is, if I’m ever going to get there); then through the stairs beyond…

And down, down, down I go, into another hallway that looks exactly the same. So what was the point of walking in the hallway in the first place? I’m so concentrate on the path beyond that, I forgotten even the why. Oh! That’s right, today is my birthday and I’m going downstairs to celebrate it.

A sound can be heard through the walls. I walk faster, afraid that some monster may come out of it and bite me with its rotten teeth. It seems as if time does not exist here; it could have been years, days, or mere seconds and I wouldn’t know the difference. My feet are getting tired, I see an elevator ahead, I run towards it while escaping around as the walls seem to close around me. Run, run like wind, run toward the safety of the gaping mouth of steel. Be swallowed, while awaiting my fate in the stomach of the creature of the building and hoping desperately that it would let me go.

It did. The creature of steel finally released me and I was forced out into the grass of rough carpets. As I approach the floor, I saw that nobody was present. Not a single shining or dimming soul, only the wind opening and closing the doors. It must have been my friends that came in: The Wind People. They were the ones that have been there for me all this time. There goes another one….and another.

I turn around, tired of watching the door repeatedly opening and closing itself. It has never been so deserted here, even if they were here; it feels like the end of the world. Ignorant of these thoughts, I went to the dining hall to await my glorious cake. There was one surprisingly. However, it was very odd looking. The cake was made of jumbled junk shaped like a pyramid.

Now where is the candle? I thought. Coincidentally, the lights on the ceiling broke and electricity spewed out everywhere. It spread warmth against the chill from the presence of The Wind People. Some of the crackling electricity lighted the piles of junk. It engulfed some pieces and burned them entirely. I count the things that blazes…16 flames dance before my eyes.

I hum a birthday tune and frown in disappointment as the sound echoed on the bare walls. The Wind People have already left, no doubt bored of the lack of activity. I was alone. Wasn’t it a perfect day?

The Impossible Quest (ver. 10)

Chapter One

Someone stirred in their sleep. A girl named Stephanie opened her eyes and sat up. Looked around and gasped. Everyone from 4th period English 2 class was sleeping in this gigantic place. The girl swore she was sleeping in her room. Just to confirm it was just a dream, she screamed. Shockingly, everyone woke up and noticed the same thing.

Either they were kidnapped and brought here or by magic they were called and teleported here. Everyone is in confusion, some were crying for home and some trying to figure out what happened. Suddenly, there was a large crash. Everyone jumped and started screaming together for safety.

A boy named Zachary made a light, how he did it, nobody knows. As the fire shined the place, dusty crumbling skeletons were to be seen around the place. Their armor and weapon gave it away that it was in the Lord of the Rings era. The sound came again, this time closer. The girl who woke up first grabbed a club nearby. She held it close to her as if for protection. Everyone ceased talking and did the same. Waiting for what’s going to happen, to happen.

As the sound grew closer, they realized it wasn’t a something that is coming, it was more like pounding on a door and a new sound was heard; a screeching cheering sound, like a million bee talking. The wall or the door finally gave way and everyone yelled as a troll came through it. Someone said “this IS JUST like Lord of the Rings.” What they don’t know is that whoever said that, is right.

Goblins poured out of the door, and everyone lacking any weapons, fled. The goblins overtook them and dragged the twenty or so teenagers out the door and to their master. As the last of the teenager got whacked in the head by a club, everyone disappeared, leaving the goblins; frustrated and annoyed.

A boy named Alex clutched his head in pain. He realized with a momentary relief that they were not at the troll’s dinner plate. He suddenly gasped with horror as he found a slithering snake crawling on his stomach. He pushed the snake away and gave a surprised shriek. Almost everyone work up and then started to cry loudly. The rest of them who didn’t wake up either got some sort of a bloody pool or dried blood on their body or wasn’t there to find at all.

Chapter Two

The sound of the jungle rumbled loudly. A million crickets, water dripping, and the slashing wind, along with everyone else made noises. Everyone that survived are quiet like they knew their end was coming. Someone suggested making shelter before dark.

Some gathered huge tree leaves for the roof and sticks slanted together on the tree for the frame. Some gathered wood for fire, though how fire is possible in this wet place is questioned. Some gathered berries that looks like something they’ve seen in the real world. As for me, I just sat and watched as people drift off to sleep. Before I knew it, I too, was asleep, and everyone else probably did too.

I have a theory about how we ended up waking up in different places each time. It seems sleeping is the portal to another dimension. And it also has to be all of us sleeping, not just one person. Unless the body stays and the mind wanders off. All of us are tired and hopeless, we’re just going to continue doing this until who knows when.

The next day, we woke up to find the most dreary place every created. The clouds gathered up just like it’s about to rain. The grayness of it blocks out the sun. The land is as bare and dry as deserts. However, the color of dirt, is of those of a healthy one.

I counted the remaining survivors. All of them are my friends, they look so crestfallen and I am probably too. There were only 10 of us left, each the dirtiest than we ever thought possible. Everyone walked North, nobody really decides that way, we just followed our instinct.

Someone’s stomach growled, everyone shifted uncomfortably at that. There hasn’t been a decent meal since we all got here. No one knows how to hunt either, modern people don’t need to hunt like a nomad, but apparently, now we do. Attempts to do it are so pathetically funny. Not to mention, catching one brings tears to our eyes. Killing innocent animals like that. Shifting world like this is unnatural.

We discussed about it sometimes, but there is no explanation at how this can be so, the best suggestion is that the world, the REAL world, is reality mixed in with the fantasy. And the weirdest thing is, why only Mr. Susman’s 4th period English class affected? Walking endlessly like this, is boring. But nobody says anything, there is no one talking anymore even. Everyone just walked, spacing out that they’re back at home or deep in thought.

Someone tripped. He/she didn’t get back up again. It was David. I remember we used to talk about Playstation and all the new and popular games. Everyone rushed to him, thought there wasn’t any life in that running. We flipped him over, his lips were cracked, his face, a block of mud, and his eyes…his eyes stared upward. Maybe his soul is going to heaven. Some of us cried. We have seen too much death lately. This is not normal, This isn’t how its supposed to be.

“I give up,” a guy named Chase said, “we’re only waiting for our deaths here!”

“Would you rather do nothing then?” Chelsea asked.

“Why don’t we just kill ourselves and get this thing over with?” he continued, not showing signs that he was interrupted.

The Impossible Quest (ver. 9)

Prologue ~

A man opened a door. A girl sat hunched on a corner. She looks scared. The main came in holding something that looks like a big needle. He chains the girl's hand and feet together tightly. He pierced a hole with the needle-tool on her thumb, and put a hoop metal into it. The girl sobbed and screamed, maybe from the pain or maybe from the knowledge of what the metal on her thumb meant. The ring-looking metal is a symbol of slavery. The girl knows she's going to spend the rest of her life underground digging for something or if she's lucky, a servant in some rich man/woman's household or maybe even the thinkable rotting in some dungeon, either way, everything looks bleak.

(Scene Shift) “shhh” a young voice said, a clattered of feet, a turning of a door….

”we found it!”

“shhh!!” the voice became more insistent.

“Let’s go.” Another sound of feet running quietly can be heard.

“We’re lost, this place is too big”, a voice said.

“I always say ‘stick to the north’”


“do you have any other idea?”


”then, let’s not watch the grass grow”. A couple of hours later…

“we’re lost for good”

“keep moving”

“hey look!”


“this is the dungeon!”

“so it is, lets not stick around then”

“fine.” The sound of feet stopped.

“why, look at this!”


“this!” A sound of rattle from a chain on metal rods.

“Looks like…a cage?”

“Let’s see what’s inside!” A loud splitting sound, the sound of heavy chains dropping to the floor, and metal bars opening.

“Give me a light!”

“I don’t have one”

“I don’t either, so what shall we do?”

“Grope around?’

“Ugh, no. Never mind, we’ll just keep going”

“Wait,” a small cracked voice said. Everything went still as if time stopped. “Help me”. Various mumblings between the two intruders.

“What shall we do?”

“It could be a trap”

“nah, they’re not smart enough to think of something like this”

“want to run instead?”

“But I’m curious!” The soft whispering of the intruders continued. Suddenly, something blacker and darker than the darkness that surrounded them got up and started toward them.

“Do not scream!” said one in urgency. The chattering of teeth split the silence in two. After a time, something took hold of the two intruder’s hand.

“AARGHHH!!!” They both screamed. The two intruders run blindly around the “something-that-got-hold-of-them” and they got separated. After a time, they stopped to catch their breath and started to explore whatever was holding them. The “thing” turned out to be a hand, a hand that’s gripping them so tightly it stopped the flow of blood from their arteries.

“Please, please, don’t tell me it’s a decapitated hand that is holding me,” one of them said. The other just stood rigid, frozen with fear.

“d-d-do n-not be-be afr-afrai-afraid o-of me plea-please” a small cracked voice said, At the sound of the voice the two intruders almost fainted.

“what are you?”

“who are you?”

“where do you come from?”

“why are you here?” After a couple of minutes and they heard no response, they started to fidget around.

“t-to-too much ques-questions, so lit-little time,” the small voice said.

“right, I guess we hand to get out of here, and you’ll be coming along with us?”

“yes,” the small voice said faintly.

“why are we helping this someone when we don’t even know who it is? This someone could be a fugitive or a failed experiment for all we know!”

“well then, we got our self another person in our group”

“Nathan, you never think about others”

“no time for arguments, let’s go!” It must be hours upon hours on this maze that they were trying to find the way out, suddenly, they found a small hole letting sunlight into the dark walls. By this time, the “person” dropped face down on the floor.

“we made it!”

“we should leave this person behind, so we wont have all that weight with us, not that there were much weight anyway”

“you are so mean! Leaving behind someone as fragile and probably innocent up there”

“ugh! Fine! I’ll carry him/her” They found a massive stone that served as a temporary shelter. They went inside, dropped the sleeping body on the grass and went looking for some firewood. Strike. Strike. The fire maker tried to light the pile of firewood with no luck. The noise woke the sleeping person.

“Here, let me” he/she said. He/she moves her hand toward the firewood and a flame roared to life, scaring the two youth back. The two youth eyed the “person” with a cautious glance.

“Thanks for saving me, the least I can do is part from you now, “the person said; it was a female voice.

“no, wait! Don’t leave, stay with us, my name is Nathan, what is yours?” The other youth Nathan as if he were a poisoned snake.

“you don’t even know her idiot! She might kill you” The other youth whispered. Nathan and the female looks at the youth, who finally says “I’m sorry, my name is Jonathan, we’re brothers you see?” The female stared at the ground. “I see, I’m called Adia, I guess I shall prove myself useful by making dinner?”

“Poisoned it, she will,” muttered Jonathan.

“I am not a threat, you enemy now is where you ran from!” she barked.

“That castle you mean?” Nathan asked.

“If that was where you got me from, then yes,” Adia said.

“….see? I told you this was going to be trouble.” Jonathan said while giving Adia a disgusted look.

“Why did you take me anyway? You should know not to take anything from some place like that…especially a stranger….actually a better question is; what were you two doing there,” asked Adia as she gather fruits and berries from a nearby tree and bush. Jonathan and Nathan looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

“you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I was just curious, besides I can keep a secret,” Adia said.

“well….” Nathan began before Jonathan have a chance to say anything.

Chapter 1 ~

Adia opened her eyes and stared above where she was sleeping. The roof is made out of wooden planks, popular in the current day. A knock on the door startled Adia out of reverie. “Coming.” Adia opened the door and faced a young man the same age as her. His name is Blank and he is her servant/butler.

“Good morning miss, your breakfast is ready and awaits you in the dining hall”

“ah, thank you Blank, it is much appreciated.” Adia picked up a robe in a nearby chair and went to the dining hall accompanied by Blank. Adia whispered behind her back “no need to be so formal with me when there is no one around Blank”

“Yes, of course, but as it happens, the queen’s servant was striding past your door when I woke you up”

“I see, do you think she meant us harm?”

“maybe, maybe not, but I am rather suspicious of her and her intentions.” Adia is the daughter of one of the wealthiest family. However, her real parents, her home, and everything inside disappeared without a trace while she was studying in a private school. Rich families must protect their heir/heiress of the house, so Blank was the only thing that survived in that incident (he went to school with her). This happened last month and she grieved for everything she have lost every minute of her waking hours. A friend of Adia, a heir to the throne of a neighboring land begged his mom to take her in as an adopted child until Adia is old enough to rule her land.

Adia knew that the queen did not want her at all, but Nathan, was very persuasive. Still, Adia thought at least the queen treat her fair enough, if not with love. Another day comes and go and the dream world is her only refuge. Adia closed her eyes and began to dream. This dream was different than the one she’s used to.  It feels wrong, like something has tainted it. Adia…Adia a voice whispered in her ear. Suddenly a man in a weird clothing appeared in front of her. That startled her out of her skin! “W-who ar-are yo-you?” she stammered.

“Think of me as your guardian angel” he said. The look on his eyes told her otherwise. “I need your help”

“me? You’re an angel, and yet you need my help/”

“I am not an angel, that was merely a figure of speech” he said with a hint of annoyance. Silence followed. “it means I’ve been protecting you” he continued.

“from what?” Adia said cautiously.

“some things are better left unsaid, we will talk about this another time. But now, I must talk to you about what I have come here for. This is hard to explain , but there is this thing that lets you time travel, and also there’s this machinery that let’s you project some part of you across this time teleporter” he said.

“time travel? Machinery? Huh?” She looks confused.

“all right, no time for that now, lets go!” The man said.

“what’s your name by the way?”

“the name is Ran,” the man smiled. Ran took Adia’s hand and lead her toward a portal, that wasn’t there before.

“wait!” They stopped. “what about my servant? I need him. He’s the only thing that I’ve got” Adia shrieked.

“very well, I suppose there’s room for one more” Ran did something funny with his hand and Blank appeared out of nowhere.

“oh, I thought he was going to be waiting for me on the other side, I guess this is my dream after all.”

Ran looked at this wrist, he almost shrieked in despair. “No more! We must go now, no time, no time!” He pushed them into the portal before any of them could say anything else.

They appeared into a glassy room. “what is this place?” Adia asked.

“this is the machinery room, where the time-machine is located. Don’t trip over those wires”


“yes, those thin-rope like thing.” Adia followed Ran, Blank followed close behind.

“I’ve never seen such a marvelous place, these walls looks solid as stone, yet smooth as glass.” Those are called marble, they are made of stone and have been cut and sanded to achieve that smooth quality.”

“so, what do you need my help for again? I surely will not be of any use if these things aren’t known to me”

Ran smiled….darkly. “Hold this” Ran brought two blocks of something and dropped it on Adia’s hand. Adia grunted, they look light when Ran was carrying it. Ron pressed a button. Blank still as a stone jumped in surprised as a cage dropped on top of her, encasing Adia in it. Adia could not help, without dropping the blocks, she did now, forgetting everything else beside her servant. As the blocks dropped, the blocks began to disassemble. Solid metal sprang open and also encase Adia. Ran laughter can be heard and Adia winded as she tried to touch the metal , for the metal was filled with electricity.

“you can help me by being my guinea pig”

“a what? Release us immediately!”

Ran just laughed. “aren’t I a good actor or what? Making you have the company of home and safety to be finally grasped in my clutches! Oh! Here is a gift for u” Ran put on a head covering and tossed a bottle into the two cages. “Sweet dreams, for you will not wake up anytime soon!”

“Now lets get to work” Ran said to himself. He heaved Adia’s unconscious body out of the cage and threw it down on a shiny solid table. He began to take off her clothes and putting a bunch of tubes into her. He did the same for her servant. Working without procrastinating he worked, late into the hour. Staring at his work as if he can burn a hold through it with concentration. He slept for little time, and went back to work again. Adia and Blank just lay there like a doll, unmoving except for breathing.

Finally, after much calculating, much studying, and much experimenting, something that surprised Ran happened. A box beeped. Urgent beeping, then the beeping become so loud that it became very annoying that he knocked the box over in a hurry. This box fell and fell and knocked many things as it fell, and as the chain moves n, it knocked over something overhead and hit Ran on the head, and then he also lay like a crumpled doll on the floor, a red trickle of blood bled from his hair and a huge mess littered the floor. The only sign of life, was Adia’s irregular breathing.

Chapter 2 ~

Bumpidy-bumpidy-bump. The sound of a cart dragging across gravel. A man sighed. “It’s been 3 months now that the lady Adia has gone now”

Another man: “yes, yes it has. The poor girl must  have ran away to see the world, funny thing is, she didn’t take anything with her, not clothes, not food, she would be dead by now if someone doesn’t find hero or tend her”

“ahhh! Hush man, don’t think negatively about the fair lady!”

“you remember how she was helping us out from that tax collecting bully didn’t you?” We should return the favor and look for her”

“too true, but the guards has looked for her for a month straight! Not to mention the reward if she be found, every knight on earth would look for her!” The second man sighed.

“You’re right” and kept pushing the cart through the long road.

Adia opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar place. There was this tree that looks like a square and the thing she was sleeping on is very bouncy compared to the regular feather bed she was used to. One thing for sure, she is far from her home, and that she is in an unknown time and place. She got up and took off her blankets and found that she was wearing different clothes and that its shorter than what it should have been. She quickly wrapped the blankets around her to form a temporary skirt. Its heavier, like a winter clothes, but it will do for now.

She’s standing on a different colored wall and she struggles to find out what to do with the little knob on it. She knows it’s the thing to open the door, but she doesn’t know how to work it. She tried pulling and pushing and even turning but it still not want to cooperate. Finally she gave up and just went about exploring the room. She found out a lot of things of interest, one is that there is many different compartments and there is the little torch that can give bright light, without oil or fire. But before she can stuffy another thing, the knob rattled, turned and someone came in…

The Impossible Quest (ver. 8)

Prologue: The Fallen Angel

The Angel's tears dropped silently into the fading ground.
"Are you sure you want to do this Helen?" a powerful voice asked.
"Yes", the Angel said.
"Very well. You will be reborn on Earth in the year 1990. You will be misunderstood by many people, especially your peers. You will get very depressed and lonely. Ofcourse, you can always do suicide and you'll be back here in no time", the voice chuckled.
The Angel looks up, "you mean I dont have to do all that believing and Christianity stuff?"
"Well, since you're already in my service, theres no need to, but it'll be good if you did"
A hand came out of nowhere and took the Angel away. The Angel's wings burned away leaving not a trace. The hand dropped the Angel down...
"What a curious that Angel is", the voice said.
"You know how it is, curiosity is a good thing. Besides, its time us; Angels try something new", another voice said.

Chapter One

...15 years later.

A sobbing sound came from a girl in a bedroom. She is clutching a huge teddy bear very tightly. Suddenly, a knock at the door made the girl's crying stopped immediately. She wiped her eyes as fast she could and looked in the wall mirror for any signs of tears.
"Coming!" she said
She opened the door revealing a humanoid clothes monster!
"Here Alexandra" a muffled voice said.
And the stacked of clothes floated in the air toward her. Alexandra grabbed the pile of clothes and closed the door. This is how its always is for the last 15 years. Hiding whats inside and pretending everything is allright. The girl started to put the clothes on the closet. "I wish I was off adventuring somewhere far away or maybe I was saving a village from the attacks of dragons", the girl muttered to herself. "That way, I dont have to think aboiut my problems anymore, and I wouldnt get bored so much!" the girl continues to talk to herself and drinking the thought that someday it might come true.

The Impossible Quest (ver. 7)

~I. Forgotten

Bound and gagged, dizziness, the world spins, black clouds swept over'

I open my eyes, there was no color, just white, and a piercing white light, I felt people moving around me and a noise like a machine whirling, then, replaced by a beep'beep'a face loomed over me, it wore a mask that covers half its face. It holds two metal tools. The metal gleamed'I realized I wasn't wearing any clothes either, I was naked with someone! The cold pressed against my skin, and then a most horrible pain filled my head, a constant internal thumping, and a battle inside my head. When everything become too painful to breathe, I just closed my eyes, falling from an imaginary dark hole.

When next I opened my swollen eyes, I was chained to a large rock, in the middle of a room with water filling it. I tugged hard at the chain, the water is up to my neck now, I stared, too frightened to think clearly'the next thing I know, I was underwater, trying not to struggle so I don't waste any precious air left inside my already-burnt-for-air lung. My lung started to ache, a dull pain, then increased its ferocity, my blood shaking for oxygen, several minutes passed'I can't hold it anymore'! Finally I let go'letting the water carry me wherever'anywhere but here! I was forgotten, in my watery tomb.

~II. I want'

NO MORE!!! I had enough of this, the flickering dreams; it was a dream within a dream.

An alarm somewhere out of time was an annoying sound, like a thorn in your foot. But the purpose was done. I'm awake and a little groggy. I sat up from the bed, grabbed an orange juice from the fridge and gulped it down thirstily. I went to the bathroom, changed clothes and looked inside in the mirror'what I saw there made me shriek in fear. There was a man, the most handsome man you could ever see, his eyes was closed, his hair was raven black and he has a very pale skin, his head was bowed as if praying. Suddenly his messy short hair falling over his face moved as if there was a wind blowing over them, I turn to look behind me, but there was nobody there! I looked back at the mirror he was still there'he opened his eyes which was as deep as a well, you could get lost in it if you stare long enough. He had a black aura around him, and I took all this in only a second before backing up as the man looked at me, with his arms outstretched and his face a twisted face.

I backed up and hit the door, I tried opening it, but it was locked. I looked again, he was gone, remembering he was behind me in the mirror, I backed up to the left side; away from him, then ran back kicking the door. It burst open in a splinter of wood. I looked at the mirror for the last time, it was a big mistake, as I looked, I ran into a wall, stars spinning, I blacked out, leaving the man to do as he pleased.


That annoying sound again! I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. So it was a dream'but it looked so real. I got up tiredly and went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, half expecting for the man to be there, he wasn't, there was no one there except a copy of me staring'at me.

I changed my night clothes to something t-shirt and jeans, washed my face in the basin to wash the tiredness away and brushed my teeth. I put my homework in my backpack and sling it over my shoulder, went out the door to catch the school bus.

Looked at my watch, thirty more second until the bus would be here'3'2'1'whizzing past the rows of houses was the bus, it stopped in front of me. I went in, looked at different faces and began to look for an empty seat. I found one near the back and sat down. The bus roared to life and surged forward.

I closed my eyes and drifted into a short nap. The'

Yea right! I wish my life were that simple, just daydreaming the day away'I have an abusive father who drinks every 10 seconds unless he passes out. He used MY college money to buy his damn drink. It was the last gift my mother gave me before she died. She wanted me to be a doctor. Too bad for THAT dream. I have to run away, away from him'I got out of my bed and tiptoed to the bathroom, making little noises as possible, or it would be purple skin for my hands. I changed clothes and got my backpack ready for school. I looked at the clock, 5:07 am. I have to wake up early because I walk to school, a long 14 miles that is. Our car have been towed away as Dad parked in the middle of the road to buy a drink, he got a ticket, and never paid, I expect the car to be shreds of metal now.

I started walking the road to get to school. I don't blame him for drinking, I think he does that because he's sad, but it's not fair that he takes it out on me. As always, I daydream on the way to school, dreaming up a magical fairy that lift me up and bring me to their homeland, to meet giants and gods and goddesses. *rustle, rustle* the leaves on my left moved. There isn't any wind and I know this path isn't used by anyone. *rustle, rustle* I ran forward as fast as I can. I stole a glance backward and saw a dark shape running'no gliding toward me. He must have followed me while I was daydreaming'I ran a fast, and still the dark shape, gained a foot closer every second'I ran a long time, if I was running from a person, I would have beaten it a while ago, so this must not be a person. My legs ache'from knee down, from running so hard.

The Impossible Quest (ver. 6)


It is dark. Blinding shadow engulfed me, from my brain to the surrounding area. I feel the cold floor underneath me rumbles with a hum. I hear machinery turning on its axel, like a clock it turns. My throat is parched; I have a dire need for water. I walk, holding my arms out and taking tiny steps to what I hope is the right way. I stumble and tripped many times and landed hard on the floor. I am so weak; I don't know how long I will last on this prison. My eyes began to see a white haze of light, thinking that is the exit, I walk towards it. With each step taken, the light grows brighter, until it is bright enough as the sun. I close my eyes, seeing the light through my closed eyelids. I staggered forward, relieved that I have found the exit at last. I reach out my hand and fell into a deep, endless pit'The light has gone out.

I. Alexandra~

Alexandra jerked upright, as if startled by something. The vision seemed so real'
The last couple of months, unusual things have been happening, for instance, her dreams aren't 'images brought up by her dream for resting process', it's all real. Every single 'vision' always happens sooner or later. The interesting thing about the dreams is that time doesn't exist. The dreams could be from the past as well as the future. You might think that Alexandra is some kind of seer, but she's partly not, she doesn't know when it will happen, only that it has already happened or it will happen.

Let's hope this one is past she said to her imaginary familiar.

Alexandra is a dreamer; she loves books, for they are fuels for her endless imagination. Each day she would sit and take the time to read, her favorite kind of books is Fantasy and Adventure. Horror and Drama are good genre as well, but its Fantasy and Adventure that she really likes. I doesn't hurt to read different books, for they show you different perspective of things.

Winds and splashes of water roar in her ears, as she got up and went outside, to the coast of a sea. The sun rises, driving back the shadows of past night. Finally, the sun took over the magnificent sky and once more, the clouds and the blue sky appeared. She ran back to the house before the sun reaches her foot. For someone as young as her, she doesn't value the sun much, she prefer the dark, comforting secrets of the shadows of the night.

Time for school now. She looked inside her closet; which was filled with tight black outfits like the one Jessica Alba wore in Dark Angel. Alexandra combed her hair straight and walked downstairs to where her mother is waiting to drive her to school. Her mother didn't say a word while she was driving. For she didn't need to, Alexandra has her mind occupied anyway with theories of how the world was made and complex structure of system of equation. Trees whizzes past as well as the yellow strips on the road. The car came to a stop and Alexandra got out.

The school's name is Del Valle Junior High and she is a fourteen years old girl with surprising personalities. Alexandra said goodbye to her mother and walked to the two double doors that marked the entrance of the school.

Five friends looked at her as she walked past and murmured something under their breath. One of the teenagers came up to her and said 'are you gothic?' He probably assumes that, since Alexandra is wearing black clothes. Alexandra ignored him and entered the school without saying a word, leaving him with his mouth open.

The teenager went back to his friends and got back to the conversation; they laugh and had fun sharing their troubles, while the others listened. The teenager that talked to Alexandra sat with thought of the mysterious new girl he just met. 'Are you in love, Nathaniel?' Asked another teenager, her name is Tonya. Nathaniel shook his head.

Alexandra walked past the rows of classroom until she came across a door that says 'Principal's Office'. She opened the door and talks with the principal and got her schedule.

She got out of the office and headed straight to the library, where she can indulge herself within her world. Her sense of way are mysterious indeed; for she never been to this school before, yet knows where everything are located. She went in and saw two librarians putting up book by the shelves. She walk past them and looked in the Fiction shelf for a nice book to read.

She came across a book that she saw from her dreams, before she had a chance to touch it, Nathaniel touched her in the shoulder and said 'hello, I didn't think we've had proper introduction before' he smiled. When Alexandra looked on the shelf, the book had disappeared. She looked back at Nathaniel with an irritated expression on her face. 'My name is Nathaniel, what is yours?' he asked nicely. She didn't answer, then started to walk back along the shelves, when she's sure she was far enough, for Nathaniel not to bother her, she said 'Alexandra', then began her search for the book again'She remembered that it was covered with red leather in the cover with gold pages and decoration.

After a long search, she decided it would be no use searching for it, a book with magical properties are bound to disappear at will; there's nothing to be done by that. Alexandra turned and headed back outside, just as sunlight touched her face by an open window, her face contorted with pain; the most ungracious headache anyone ever faced, has laid its hand on her; but no sooner as she moved out of the light, it disappeared without a trace, just like the book.

The school bell rang, marking the beginning of class, she gather her text books and other miscellaneous items and went off to her first class.

The class was like any ordinary class; metal and wooden table and chairs lined facing the board, windows on the far walls and of course, the white walls. This room was exceptionally clean, more so, than the rest of the school; it seemed the teacher knows how to clean real well. Alexandra took a seat away from the sunlight.

The class began as everyone stopped talking and took a seat on the clean chairs.

The teacher introduced himself, and the other students followed. When it came time for Alexandra's turn, she simply said, 'My name is Alexandra,' and nothing more. The class continued as if nothing has happened.

'Linear Equation, does anyone know what that is?' the teacher; David 'geleyes by name asked the class. Every student sat silent and unmoving as stones.

The Impossible Quest (ver. 5)


In the land where a magical place exists, there was a commotion going on, very terribly. The balanced of peace has been disturbed. The people that live there never realized, until it happened, but then why would they? Their world was peaceful and they live in harmony, until today when the other world collides in a big explosion. The tower of the silver bow and arrows has been leaning over so it looks like it's about to fall, and it did just 7 hours ago. There was confusion everywhere and the greatest masterminds and magicians has been put to work to figure out what was going on, one amateur whiz kid has been put on the communication-on service just in case things get worse, which every civilian hope never come to pass. The communication service has been put there by the greatest sorcerer, but sadly people have forgotten what it was used for and the very person who made it! Its purpose was to send a critical message to another world for help; the civilians never used it because every time they used it, one great, wise possibly the last of its kind (rare person or beast) has to sacrifice itself in order to energize its magnificent power. The person in control over this occupation must be very jumpy greatly right now because they must kill it/he/she with his/her bare hand! Luckily the task had a man doing the job, so as not to look savage for a woman

   'It has to done, do it now!'

   'We have relinquished one of our people! F.Y.I (for your information) I'm not going to do just that at all, do as you must, you have to come through me first, bribe, tortured, or even kill me to do it I will not budge!'

   'Really? You ask for it',' the commander said with a snicker in his face.

   'You are a brave young fellow, but your courage alone will not stop me from going through,' he continued yelling at him with fierce tone of voice as proud of himself for being the leader of the defense force while having happy tear running down his face and pushed as hard as he could possibly be able to on the poor cadet's chest like a bully till he fell down nose-first to the ivory-marble floor inside the communication machine.

   'I'm sorry I have to do this but it's the right thing to do,' the chief officer said with a true sorrow to the man below his foot. 'Now for the honor, I will pushed the red button myself, whether you like it or not. You will be ranking a general from this day forward, for doing your work. Now where would I want the destination to be? Aha! Earth' but which person shall I chose? Computer reveal to me the person that is eligible for this burden',' the commander said to the big screen.' Hhmm'there's to much people eligible for this job, lower the chances down to one person,' he said as the computer whizzes smoke and crashes. The computer showed him one last picture before the computer has system failure. 'She is the one? A princess in the Modern world?  How disappointing' Very well, send a message to her'the last person the supercomputer showed me is a princess...,'he said in disbelieved while muttering with himself. 'Well computer, work already this is an emergency, work faster will ya? Duh, the computer is broken, kaput, busted. I guess I have to do this with my own hand.' The chief did, and the computer restarts and sends an urgent message to the princess's mind. 'Ah'Alexandra''

Chapter I: Alexandra

Meanwhile on planet Earth'
Alexandra sitting on her 'supposedly' throne is daydreaming of dragons, castles of the Middle Ages, dark and white mages, pixies, and fairies are suddenly jumped up having a cold chill all over her body. There's something wrong, I can feel it, and what is it? What's going on? I just know.'

   'Mistress, his royal king wishes you to attend your serenity meditation,' the servant knocked noisily on the front of her study door.

   'I'll attend the tranquility lesson later, please leave me.'

   'But mistress, your father insists for you to go there and not miss your lesson.'


   'But mistress, what will I tell him?' the servant said while quivering her lips.

   'Whatever you must, just tell him that I'm having my reconciliation right now, he'll understand, also tell him NOT to send any more servants to my study, I am very busy,' she said thoughtfully.

   'As you wish, my lady,' she said as she left her room eyeing her empty desk as she went out. Alexandra collapsed on her queen-sized bed sleeping instantaneously without thinking of a single thing.

   Alexandra woke to find herself drenched in sweat on her soft blue cotton dress. What is wrong with me? Why is it so cold in here? Oh, is that deranged breeze again. Where is my blanket? Oh, I forgot' I order the maid not to enter my study, dim-witted ME! Alex got out of her chair with a swift motion and stands up about her study crawl in search of her mirror in the solid dark room. She was terrified of that forbidding feeling that's creeping in the back of her spine; it shows that she's different from everyone else without wanting to. For the time being, Alex plunge on a dark shape in her room, it was a chair that she knocked down while she was standing up. Alex's parents do not provide proper guardianship so as a result, she did not acquaint with them about her top secret powers. The crack of dawn has almost reveal its magnificent rays, she could almost touch it with her white finger, but it is not, for it may look within a walking distance but actually it is a long way off to the horizon.

            When morning finally came, Alexandra found herself sleeping on the basement floor. It looks like that she was sleepwalking all the way down to the cellar, that her teacher had warned her never to enter. Whatever might I be doing here? Did something lead me here? What am I doing walking wherever I want to; it's dangerous especially in this castle. By the way, this is BORING! I want some adventure not some underground search for nothing. Where is the way out? I hate it when I don't know, this is confusing! 'Well, then why don't you get out your magic wand and magic yourself out eh? Still though, you don't even have a magic wand let alone magic,' Alex said to herself. 'Sshh' you talk to loud you'll wake up the whole castle, and when that happens, I won't help. What then what should I DO, if you're not helping? Oh, be quiet already, by the way you know right that someone's coming!' so she got off her petrified self and whisk away as fast as her feet can carry her, to the hide behind a dirty barrel.

Alex heard someone talking, but do not know who it was, or what they were talking about; and she doesn't want to, she just wish she would be back at her bed or in her study making something. She overheard people talking but couldn't understand the slightest what they were talking about. Wait! I heard them say my name; oh I wish I could figure out what they're saying. Whoa! Then quite suddenly and somehow she was familiar with their secretive language, how incredible is that! 'We must do something, she is getting acquainted with her ability, while she's enjoying her 'unknown power' were getting weaker; she might not know what extraordinary power she has but we do. We must do something about it, kill her, kidnapped her, or transport her to another place FAR away I might add.' 'You're right we can't just stand here and do absolutely nothing, we should DO something to prevent this from happening,' the second person said. 'I'm telling you, how a 13-year-old ordinary girl like Alexandra can be able to understand her power in just an hour at the very least, she's like the first to be able to do that.' You're wrong I don't understand my powers at all; maybe you would be so kind as to tell me about it. You dummy, you want to get yourself hanged? She listened with a horrifying sense at what they might do to her as she listened carefully at the rest of what they were saying.

            As they left the basement, Alexandra thought miserably of what she's going to do about all this. 'I have to run away, it's the only way,' she said while her thoughts ran faster with each thought as they were tossed back and forth in her head. Despite the fact that she was thinking, a void of an oversize abyss appeared without Alexandra's notice'there was a hand coming out of the center of the opening, black, big, and shadowless figure that you only find  in nightmares, and it seems that its about to grab Alex. True enough it did, she was swooped off her feet and plunge into the darkness ahead of her.

            When she finally comes around her drowsiness, she stood up and felt something curious beneath her foot. She got up very fast just in case it was something creepy holding her, but of course it was only silky velvet pillow she was resting on, the thought of something so ordinary turning into a nightmare is just out of the question.

The Impossible Quest (ver. 4)


'I can't believe we've finally arrived!' says Kenya.

'Believe it or not, we're already here', Kevin says interrupting.

'Hey, you guys want to hear a story?' says Alexandra quite happily.

'Tell us then, what that wonderful story is', mocked Kevin.

'I'm not going to tell you the story, he is' says Alex while she point to the old man by the wall.

'What makes you think that he's going to tell us a story?' Kenya asked.

'He's blind, he's old, and he's probably deaf as well. He can't be a storyteller.' Kevin said as they walked toward the old man.

So they approached the storyteller, he was blind as Kevin had predicted, but he can hear well.

'Ah, a newcomer, come sit for a story,' he said proudly. Surprised that he could talk, the three teenagers sat by the old man. 'Tell us a story' Alex said.

'Well, are you going to begin?' Kevin said impatiently.

'I was about to, when you interrupted. No matter, I will tell you a story, and you can decide whether or not you like it or not, if you think it fiction or non-fiction' he said as he said began the story.

Chapter 1: The 7th Daughter

'Inside a moldy castle dungeon, the 7th daughter if a rich and powerful king and queen is crying, because she thought she isn't loved by her own father. For days the king insults and punishes her without mercy. But her gentle mother always stood up for her and defends her. Her sisters pretend that they care, but it was only lies and deception, their love for themselves is even worse, they want to be so proper that they bought a fake pearl (but they didn't know it until later) for half their hoard of gold. But no matter, the 7th daughter knew that she was special. She has a secret that nobody knows, except herself and Koala; the most faithful dog you cold ever known. She couldn't trust anyone, this she has learned from all the experience she had.

Once she thought herself that she was 'super lady' descendant of her great great great uncle 'super man'. Whenever she cried, a rain always poured down. Her first thought was that she can control water, but is she can, then how come they don't always obey her? My powers will be great when I am older. She said to herself.'

'Her true name is Artemis, which is supposedly the Greek Goddess of the Moon,' the storyteller added as a note to the story.

The Impossible Quest (ver. 3)

Chapter I. Destiny Is Waiting

            Alex, the sensitive and adventurous girl is having a wonderful dream in her sleep, of all the bad, unfair things that has happened to her, this is the one Alex treasured. Her uncle is very cruel to her, since he is the only surviving relatives she has, and she is stuck with her uncle who doesn't like her. Alex's father and mother both died in a plane crash with all of her other relatives; they were going to get back home for Christmas day to celebrate together when they died. How Alex ended up with her uncle is a mystery even to her because her very uncle was in the plane with her family when it crashed. Her uncle, Nicholas, is not a bad guy; ever since that accident, he thinks that he was the one to blame. At least that's what Alex thought. But now, is not the time to worry about that; she just want to enjoy her dream. Bang! The door suddenly opens with a loud thud and a very red-faced uncle came out charging to her room.

            'Alexandria, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY PAPERS?' Uncle Nicholas said angrily as he shove a paper with a black ink all over it, on her pale white face. Whoops'forgot to throw it on the trash, for you see, she was doing her homework when the pen's ink splattered on her uncle's important work paper; so much for a nice dream.

            'Eh'hee'.he'.haw'good one uncle,' Alex said with a little bit of stuttering.

            'You think this is funny, you little mutt?' Uncle Nicholas said a little too loud.

Trust me; you don't want to meet my uncle any time soon in the future.  Alex introduced him to her friends, in the end, they look like a fish and threw up afterwards, and they have that glazed look of fear in their eyes. Scary huh? Now all Alex wanted for the floor to swallow up and have all sorts of adventures away from her uncle, and away from everything else for that matter.
1000 miles apart from the Haunted House...
Tanya Ike is safe from her mother's house, her beloved mother in a mental hospital! Her mother told the doctors that a ghoul is living in her house and tried to trade her with an alien. Tonya knew that's not true, but the point is that she went into the house, and found out that story her mother had told did and still is true.

The Perilous Quest (ver. 2)


There was so many people fleeing, the cause of it was a dark sorcerer, his name was Volder. He was free because of an absurd witless fool who nobody likes in the village; he came to an old jar with carvings of many people locking a long wide box (it was a coffin). But this brainless guy thought it was some kind of treasure. This ridiculous man whose name nobody can't quite pronounce is actually of a royal blood prince, his skills are the same as his brain. How he survives, is still a mystery to many intelligent people. His name is Cnyell. Cnyell came to one old underground attic that the house owner abandoned...

The Perilous Quest (ver. 1)

Chapter I. The Old Man And The Legend

Artemis, Tori, and Kenya are very imaginative and adventurous teenagers. In fact, they are so adventurous that finding a pond with blue lilies are like finding a dragon in the rainbow. Their quest began on one autumn day in Rayville where smart, intelligent people lived. The three teenagers were walking down the city when an old man stopped them. He mumbled something but they could not hear, they caught the words 'legend', 'one', and 'destinies'. After he finished talking he disappeared in one blink of the eye.
'What happened to the old man?' Kenya asked, but Tori and Artemis just froze.
'What?' Kenya asked again.
'Cool!' Tori said.
'What do you mean by that?' Kenya said.
'It means we're going to have adventure like we've all dreamed of' said Artemis.
'Ha! Are you serious, I mean adventures are only in fairy tales right? Guys, stop staring and answer the question' Kenya said. The three teenagers became quiet, the old man and all the peoples in the city were gone! Swish! Swaz! The wind blows and the cloud became black and all of the sudden.
'Let's find some shelter and talk there' said Artemis. They ran here and there trying to find shelter as the rain came pouring down.
'There, right there in that old barn' Tori said. The three teenagers went in and try to put out some water from the rain on their clothes.
'This is not the best house I've been to, but oh well.' Kenya said.
'It's a barn', Tori said.
'Quiet', said Artemis, there was a movement on the corner.
'Gotcha!' Artemis said grabbing the thing by the collar.
'Don't hit me, please' the thing said in a squeaky voice.
'It talks!' said Kenya.
'Of course it does, and it's not an it either' Artemis said.
'Jerry!' the three teenagers said together.
'What are you doing here?' Tori asked.
'Me is not a tall-tale, me is not saying nothing, till you give me a buck, sorry' Jerry said.
'You never answered our question', Tori said grabbing Jerry by the collar again, this time harder.
'All right, just don't do that again.' Jerry said. 'It's a long story, do you still wish to hear it?' asked Jerry.
'Yes!' the three teenagers said at once.
'Well, there was an old man coming to the palace of the high king, then, he came out yelling 'everybody hide!' when he finished'.
'There was an old man talking to us' Kenya interrupted.
'Sshh'! Continue please' Artemis said.
'Well, he told why too, you three are the keeper of elements. The old man said there was a legend about you' Jerry pointed to each of the teenagers. 'There is one sword in the ancient forest, one in the ancient electricity, and one in ancient ocean. The legend said that whoever finds it must keep it. The keeper of the elements could kill the sintos tried to get the swords but couldn't, so he got mad and eventually turned into a beast. The only one that can get the swords are the destined one.' Jerry finished.
'That's right', said shadow in the door of the barn.
'Hey, isn't that the old man?' asked Kenya.
'Nope, but the real old man is just a legend, and the story, well my uncle told me about it when I was little' said the old man as the rain stopped. 'I'm not an old man yet, just to let you know', the old man said as he was uncovering his mask, the three teenagers saw Marcus, their next-door-neighbor.
'Marcus! You were making a joke of us, is that what you were doing?' said Tori with frustration.
'Wait a minute, how come all the villagers disappeared like that, they're smart enough, they can't be fooled that easily, or did you plan that too?' Artemis asked.
'Actually, I did and yes I talked to you too, saying that story, I kind of forgot the story now, so I mumbled this ridiculous story and I remembered the word 'legend', 'destinies', and 'one'', said Marcus.
'Well, I was thinking that we were going to have adventures, thanks for ruining it!' Kenya said menacingly.
'You haven't answered our question, where are all the villagers?' Artemis said. They all looked around, then Marcus said 'They're having a party in the main hall. Let's go join the fun'.
Jerry, Marcus, and the three teenagers walked through the quiet road to the city's main hall. When they arrive, there was nobody there. The chairs, tables, and foods are still there, but it was disturbed like there a hurricane had hit the place.
'What happened', asked Tori.
'Where is everybody is a better question', said Artemis.
'Maybe they all got eaten by a troll', Tori suggested.
'Don't talk nonsense', said Artemis.
In a corner, there laid on a falling table, a piece of paper that had a spidery, tiny writing:

Bring me the Swords of the Elements or all that you love shall perish!

'This is a bad day'., bad day'., bad day', Kenya said in a frightened voice. She put the piece of paper in her jeans pocket after that.
'Kenya', said Artemis in a soft voice, 'Let's go home and eat.'
'Who's going to cook? Who's going to get food?' Tori asked.
'Well, if that Sintos guy took all the people, there would be none on the supermarket, so we have all the supplies we need', said Artemis.
'But that's stealing', Tori defended.
'Well, do you have a better idea than starve?' Jerry asked.
'Yes, but we could buy it anyway, and put the money in the cashier machine.' Marcus said.
'Where are we going to get the money?' asked Tori.
The five teenagers all slumped down together and suddenly Artemis had a brilliant idea.
'Guys, we all have allowance don't we? If we add all of it together, we would have enough money!'
'What a brilliant idea', Marcus said.
'You saved the day' Tori said.
'I guess, she's pretty smart isn't she, Jerry?' Kenya asked.
'Well, let's get going before it gets too dark, or we'll get lost.' Artemis said. The five teenagers went to the supermarket and Kenya gave a cry of surprise and said 'No, this isn't happening, please don't tell me,' and she slumped to the floor.
'He took all the food, why that little beast!' Tori exclaimed as his anger rising.
'That isn't the only problem, 'Marcus said 'how are we going to eat if he took all the food and he want that swords of elements, he's not going to get it, we'll sure to die before we even get to looking for it.'
'Hey, look at that piece of paper,' Jerry said.
'What does it say?' Artemis said.
'Well, it kind of looks like a warning, 'Kenya said trembling, 'It said go to Mt. Moon and look for a treasure box' she continued.
'That's not a warning, that's a direction,' Tori said.
'I was about to correct myself,' Kenya said.
'Let me see that paper,' Artemis said. 'Wait, look, there's something below that; it says hope the food will be good, find paper'.
'That wasn't there before!' Kenya said.
'Guess he's going to provide us with food; let's go Mt. Moon now',' Tori said.
'How do you know he won't poison us?' Kenya asked.
'If he wants to poison us, he won't get the swords. Basically he wants us to get his lovely treasury swords and going to poison us, he won't even try that!' Artemis said.
'But'.,' Kenya countered.
'No more, we're wasting time,' Jerry said.

Chapter II. Mt. Moon & The Treasure Box

The five teenagers eventually got ready to go'
'Water?' asked Kenya as she checks off the list. 'Check,' said Marcus, 'Apple?', 'Check', 'Sunscreen' 'Nope', 'well, go get one', 'where?', 'The store'.', 'Duh, it's only ruins now'', 'Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot'', Kenya said as she cross the word sunscreen out. Kenya and Marcus continued with their list, until Artemis, the oldest of the teenagers interrupt, 'We must go now'.'
'Why?' everybody started arguing. Artemis holds up her hand and everybody stop. 'We are going before it gets too dark or we're going to get lost.'
'We haven't eaten yet, how long are we going to last eh?' Jerry asked.
'Well',' said Artemis obviously dumbstruck.
'Let's just go, we might find an apple tree somewhere along the way.' Tori said patiently, clearly not wanting to go, but sticking to Artemis anyway. Everybody agreed except Jerry, probably because of the strange shadows that lurk in the corners, and there was a saying that there is B.E.L. (bad evil leprechauns) that takes all your stuff, G.N.L. (good nice leprechauns). GNL is not by any chance related to BEL, just so you know.
Everyone know was getting ready to get up and on the road walking while Jerry with his bad thinking thought in his head just wait you stinking friends, just wait and see what happen when you make me mad again. Jerry gave his best fake big smile and said 'let's go, I'm ready to rock!'
They were walking for about 7 miles when Tori saw something that made him stop.
'What is it Tori?' asked Marcus.
'Uh'nothing','said Tori as he began again trying hard not to think of the shadow on the tree (they're walking in the forest) instead of a big bad panther.
1 hr later'..
'Oh, my foot hurts, can we stop for just a few minutes?' asked Kenya.
'All right, I was tired anyway, I was waiting for someone to say something,' said Artemis. They all sat down on a big rock. Kenya and Jerry was eating something they picked up on the tree.
'What are you eating?' asked Artemis as Kenya choked on it. Artemis patted Kenya's small back. 'Be careful, you have to know what you're eating first, before you consumed it.' Artemis said disapprovingly.
'Well, you're so bossy, that I think you're not serious all the time, which I thought you, might be joking, 'Kenya admitted. Behind her, Jerry cast a secret approving look.
'Look, there's something or somebody moving on the far side of that tree,' Marcus said.
'Maybe it's a beggar or a thief of the forest; like Robin Hood, let's help him,' Jerry suggested.
'Let's not,' said Artemis.
'Are your brain locked up in some post office box waiting to be sent to some far island that is not even located in the map of the world or something? Honestly, what is wrong with you? You're too over protective.' Tori said outrageously. Artemis look away and a single tear splashes next to her.
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